Replay was created to guide and support at-risk teens as they strive to turn their troubles into triumphs. Replay volunteers use powerful curriculum to engage and challenge youth within the juvenile justice system. We continue to encourage these youth to transform their lives, by building connections through mentoring, counseling, and training.

Researching, writing high
impact curriculum that inspires youth to change, and providing ongoing training and support for youth, their families, and staff at juvenile justice facilities.

Connecting one-on-one with at-risk teens through mentoring – spending quality time together on shared interests and building strong relationships.

"The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons”
~ Dostoevsky




Plans and develops a long-term
strategy for outreach to at-risk
youth, including marketing
and promotion
within the




Providing a group home for
juvenile offenders under a
highly structured, goal oriented approach; centering on determination, academic and physical discipline,

enhancing leadership
development, and
spiritual discipleship.

Captivating speakers go into juvenile justice facilities, build rapport with at-risk youth,
and bring a message of
hope and love, providing
encouragement for change.

"If it wasn't for Bayside Replay
coming to Palmetto Youth Academy
I wouldn't have the positive mindset I
have right now and I wouldn't of never
witnessed the eternal peace of God if they didn't first sit down and explain it to me”
~ EP, youth at Palmetto Youth Academy


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