“REPLAY is filling a critical need in our community in reaching out to those kids who so desperately need a guiding hand and a caring heart. The REPLAY involvement reinforces the importance of these kids as individuals and serves to overall strengthen our community.”   – Karen Windon, Deputy County Administrator, Manatee County Government

"I have personally seen the difference Replay Outreach is making in these young men. I have visited the facility they are involved in and have seen the love and compassion the team has for these teens.  The ultimate goal is to have a transitional home, where upon release, the teens will have a place to call home, free from the temptations of drugs and crime, until they are ready to launch out on their own. They are making a difference one teen at a time." – Randy Bezet, Lead Pastor, Bayside Community Church 

“Since Replay has been involved with Palmetto Youth Academy, the youth have a renewed spirit. The volunteers with Replay are so open and accepting while letting them know that they all have a purpose in life. The volunteers of Replay have shown such support to those that have no support system and continue to offer services whenever and wherever needed, not just to the youth but to the staff as well.  The youth at Palmetto Youth Academy are fortunate to have Replay as a resource of support.”   – Norma Wynn, Facility Administrator, Palmetto Youth Academy

“I personally want to thank you for all of your support to MRJDC.  Replay is a very important part of our  agency wide reform efforts.  It is organizations like yours with dedicated, hardworking, caring volunteers who really make a difference in a child’s life. Bayside Replay is to be commended for their outstanding contributions to the community.”   – Frank Gargett, Chief of Administrative Services FDJJ

“It has been my great privilege to work with at risk children for nearly three decades.  During my time in numerous facilities, I have seen many groups come into the facility to present material to the children.   In all of these years, I have never seen a group as dedicated and consistent as REPLAY, led by Mr. Larry Rose.  Each week for the past two years, during my time at the Manatee Regional Juvenile Detention Center I have watched Larry deliver a powerful, inspirational and content driven message to our children.  Larry sees leadership potential in these children, and with such a vision, he empowers the children to see themselves as potential leaders in a positive way, rather than in the negative light most people see them.  Larry prepares his own messages, and delivers them with ease and skill.  His partner Joe likewise delivers a positive and powerful message.  Both men draw from the their own personal experiences and candidly share their stories with the children.  There is no tougher audience than the children in detention and each week, for two years, I have watched the men of REPLAY inspire, motivate and educate these children.  It is my hope that these powerful messages get distributed at the highest possible level, and that communities everywhere emulate the work of these men, and that churches everywhere follow the lead of the Bayside Community Church who brought REPLAY to the Manatee Regional Juvenile Detention Center.”   – Robert LeVine, JD, CEO Empowerment Publications


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