Replay began in summer of 2011 with the desire to help at-risk youth turn their trouble into triumph.  It was started at Bayside Community Church in Bradenton, FL as a means of encouraging and helping redirect the paths of incarcerated teens at Manatee Regional Detention Center.  Replay has grown beyond the detention center to also work weekly with the young men at the Palmetto Youth Academy and at Sarasota County Jail. 
In January of 2012, we moved quickly to building a mentoring/coaching program for these troubled teens, upon their release.  Working with the juvenile probation office, Replay has responded to the need for mentors.  We meet with the juvenile justice council and various community agencies to look after the well-being of each youth coming out of a juvenile justice facility.
We continually review curriculum and teaching materials to be used within the facilities, as well as continued training for mentors, parents, facility staff, and the community as a whole.  In the summer of 2012, we began to design curriculum to engage these at-risk teens, giving them hope for their future.  Building an educational support system to surround these kids will be instrumental in keeping them focused on a path to success.
Replay’s next step in the process is establishing a group transitional home.  There is such a need for additional guidance and direction for these youth that is not often provided at home. Xtreme D will be a transitional home for juvenile offenders under a highly structured goal oriented approach; centered on determination, academic and physical discipline, enhancing leadership development, and focused spiritual discipleship.  Working together with other agencies, we will help these young people uncover their passion and find productive ways to fulfill their dreams.  To some of them it will mean finishing their high school diploma, to several it will be to earn a G.E.D., to others it will mean job shadowing and job training, but to all of them it will be a chance to find direction, positive role models, and encouragement toward their futures. 


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