Replay Outreach Receives Grant

Manatee County Children’s Services Board has selected Replay Outreach to receive funding to support our work with at-risk and troubled teens.  We are so excited and feel honored that they believe in our vision for less kids on the street and more kids employed and finishing school.

Manatee County spends an average of $329/day to lock up youth, yet the cycle of crime for many continues into adulthood. Have you ever wondered how our criminal population got to the extremes that it is in today? 

73% of adult inmates were formerly in a juvenile detention facility (OJJDP, 2005)

What if, instead of focusing on long-term lock-ups and punishment, we offer encouragement and counseling? What if we help these youth focus on their future? What if instead of facing a future in prison, they find hope?

Many schools don’t offer the work programs because of financial cut-backs. Studies indicate that youth who have "participated in some sort of job training, job search, or school‐to‐work program during their high school years are less likely to experience disconnection than youth who did not participate in a school-to-work program”   (Child Trends Research Brief, 2009). “Juveniles who experienced confinement were more likely to drop out of high school and to be incarcerated as adults than youth offenders who were not incarcerated.”

 We believe we can turn troubled lives around through our activities-based job training program:

  • Orientation Phase – through a series of self-awareness tools, youth gain a better appreciation of who they are, how they process problems, and uncover a direction to help them achieve their dreams.
  • Certification Phase – we enhance the youth’s employability by helping youth implement goal-setting, self- discipline, problem solving, time management, and social and emotional skills. We will also teach job readiness skills, such as:  resume and cover letter writing, interview skills, job application, business connections, and marketing oneself.
  • Job Shadow Phase – youth will spend time within a business; learning more in-depth how it runs and the various talents and abilities that are needed in the staff positions within the company.
  • Interviews /Coaching– during the process, we will provide mock interviews to help the youth prepare. We will work with the youth by coaching them on an ongoing basis for interviews that they are able to obtain.

This all begins this October, so we will need many volunteers to work together to make this happen.  Please consider signing up to help, whether it be training, mentoring, serving meals, or just greeting and making these youth feel special.

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