Helping youth find their path in life (direction) is such an important objective. Keeping them focused, however, is just as important and it entails various strategies.

One of the key components of our outreach is how intentional we are at providing ongoing training and support for the at-risk youth in the community.  A comprehensive training plan is our goal which takes into consideration their personal goals for their new direction, their learning styles and what passionately motivates them toward those goals, as well as, their God-given purpose for their lives.

We have been able to successfully do this with our XcelerationJob training program.  It is an activities-based program to engage at-risk teens through vocational training; designed around success with an understanding of the factors that put today’s youth susceptible for crime, violence, and substance abuse.  

Students are taught during a 8-week training program, followed by a 4-week job shadow, where youth are encouraged to learn various aspects of the business where they are working.  The design is to open their eyes to see how maximizing their talents and abilities could help them become all that God has created them to be.


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