“I wanna just thank you for coming today cuz truthfully I was feeling at my lowest, but after hearing you tell us about wanting something better was making me realize that I can do better and to want more for myself. I just ask that you ask God to help me stay strong.”   – KB incarcerated youth @ MRJDC

“I love you all! Bayside (Replay) you changed me forever.”    – CM incarcerated  youth @ PYA

“Thank you for comen out and prayen with and for me. I want my life upside down.”   – TM youth at MRJDC

”I grew to a relationship with God in a way I had never imagined knowing him, I wasn't angry anymore and he pulled me back from the abyss I was tip-toeing on so to say. It was the environment and nurturing people who cared for the broken, the beaten”   – TY former youth at PYA

“God has been with me ever since I have accepted him, for sure!”   – JA former youth at PYA

“… give me wisdom. change me God please! I surrender, I surrender. like you said either you with me or against me, I'm with you God, you are in me. Bless those who hate us. I Love you.“   – JA incarcerated youth at PYA

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