Jose Lozada  –  Career Development Director

Working in career development with our youth, Jose has built a great team of community leaders and business owners who come and speak hope into the lives of our youth. He ensures that our business and agency partners are connecting with us as we build a web of support for these at-risk kids that seem to fall through the gaps. As a young adult, he struggled finding his identity and got involved in “distractions of life” that took him off the path to success. Coming to a pivotal moment in his life, he was able to turn things around. He found a mentor who helped him understand life better and what it means to become a success. He has since had a series of jobs that have progressively enabled him to grow and develop in the fields of  Merchant Services, Quality Assurance, Customer Service, and Project Management. These jobs were good, but didn’t fulfill the desire he had to help others find their dream.

Charles Bailey, Jr. – Training Director

Charles is a youth empowerment motivator, entreprenuer, and leads our educational and training initiatives for youth; including our job training program that has been instrumental for many changed lives in Manatee County. He is a dynamic speaker, performance coach, communications specialist, and sports and exercise professional. He has excelled in sports as a SEC Champion, All American competitor, with an expansive background in communication and motivation that spurs those around him to achieve their greatest. Charles has a special gift to touch kid’s lives and impact youth in such a powerful way. Educationally, Charles excels with a Bachelors in Marketing Communication and a Masters in Nueromechanics and Physiology. We are honored and extremely privileged to have him share his passion for life with our youth. He can be booked for various motivational speaking events and high level performance and fitness training through his company, Dreamfuel.