Replay is a non-for-profit program dedicated to guiding at-risk teens in discovering their direction, passion and purpose.

Vision Statement: Replay Outreach exists to mobilize individuals, churches, and communities to reach at-risk youth ine very local juvenile justice facility, school, and club; encouraging and challenging them to find their direction, passion, and purpose for their lives.


Many at-risk youth find themselves without structure and purpose for their lives.  Their family structures are fractured, their friendships are misguided, and their focus has shifted into destructive patterns.  We guide them to understand that good can rise up out of even the worst experiences in life.  Youth need a DIRECTION for their lives, a clear understanding of what should be their life focus.  By discovering how their abilities and gifts work together, they can unleash their PASSION that will drive them to success.  Encompassing it all, they must find a PURPOSE that recognizes who they are as individuals in the eyes of God and what they were created to be.  One youth begin to channel their abilities in the right direction, uncovering their passion and purpose, they begin to see the difference they can make in the world.


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