Soft as brittle sand, rough as the barren sea,

Calm as the oceans wrath, as far away as two from three.

Lovely noise like bloody screams, hopeful thoughts cause broken dreams.

What roams the street?   my empty shell,

My flesh is here, my soul’s in hell.

I play my cards but still can’t win, self-inject the liquid sin,

Seducing lust, I dance with pain,

Make love to her and death’s her name.

She whispers things to fabricate, the things she says just fascinate.

In hell I scream I’m bound with chains,

I can’t escape the scorching flames,

I close my eyes I’m here to stay, to burden screams I drift away,

I shake and sweat I feel the heat.

Our Father’s voice then comes to me,

Wake up my son this day is new,

I gave you strength to get you through.

Follow, believe, respect, obey. Trust me son,

I hear you pray. I sent my child to shed his blood,

Teach my word, spread my love.

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