When we went to speak in juvenile detention, I met a young man who had been arrested and was awaiting his adjudication. He shook my hand and told me his name (which for his anonymity I won’t share). As I walked away, he wanted to make it clear that his name was purposefully given by his parents so that he would be feared. He went on to tell me that he worshiped Satan. I turned back to him and asked him why. Was it because his parents gave him an evil name that he wanted to live up to it, or did he really worship the Devil? He said that he truly worshiped Satan. I asked him why he worshiped Satan. He said because he has seen Satan, but he never has seen Jesus.
“Remember, Satan only allows you to see of him, what he wants you to see, I responded.” Then I commended him for realizing what most don’t, “that the Devil and demons are real.” I asked, if he had read the Satanic Bible. He said that he had not. I said, “Well how can you worship him, if you have never read about him? I told him, if he read more about Satan, he might find out what he doesn't want you to know. What he doesn't realize is that the results of living a satanic life, will lead to anger, disappointment, and further him in a lifestyle of selfishness and indifference to others, whereas Christianity is about loving “others.”

I told him that although he may not see Jesus literally, that he could see Jesus in what people do. I told him that if it wasn't for Jesus telling me to visit those in prison and for Jesus moving in my heart, that I wouldn't be there talking to him. I told him, “If Jesus wasn't asking me to go visit, then I would be working at my job and making money rather than giving my time to give inspiration and hope to youth." Basically, if he saw the heart of compassion and love in me, it was really Jesus he was seeing.

I again commended him for checking out faith in something, and I encouraged him to try to check out the Bible before making a decision that Jesus isn't real.

I went on to speak to the whole group about finding a direction for life, a passion for what is unique about us, and a purpose which we have been placed on this earth to achieve. I suggested that Jesus could help them understand their purpose. As I asked the young men if I could pray for them to allow Jesus to come into their lives, many raised their hands to say yes. Then I looked over, and this young man, whose parents predisposed him to become evil, raised his hand to accept the offer of a new life. The seed was planted – “The old life is gone…new life has begun!”