Replay Outreach is in need of your support to help at-risk youth. We are raising money to expand the awareness of the needs of these youth, to multiply our training program Xceleration Job,  and to increase our opportunities to reach more youth in more facilities. We are having amazing results reaching kids, but the need is great to reach more.

We are also eager to establish the Xtreme D transitional home designed to give troubled youth a new start.  Xtreme D will be a place of transformation under a highly structured goal oriented approach, centered on determination, academic and physical wellness, while enhancing leadership development through spiritual discipleship.


I’d like to help Replay Outreach by pledging to donate in the amount of:

Replay Outreach is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization so your contributions are tax-deductible 

Monthly Support — Make a pledge  of monthly support to help us budget more effectively. 

Business Support — many businesses give in support of our special programs or events. Find out how your business can get involved.

One-time Gifts  or Special Gifts —  one time gifts can be made for special occasions. memorials, or items no longer needed like vehicles, boats, vacation or 2nd homes, etc.

Challenge Gifts  — encourage others to give by offering a matching gift donation.  Let us work with you on designing this.

Matching Gifts — some  employers offer a matching gift program and will allow you to give through your paycheck, then match your gift

Appreciated Assets — save tax by donating appreciated real estate, stocks, bonds, IRAs,  and other retirement assets

Legacy Giving — various types of estates or planned gifts includecharitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts,  charitable lead trusts, donor advised funds, plus many other gifting strategies to benefit family legacy and help us, your favorite charity, as well. Contact us for details on these types of strategies.


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