An at-risk youth, who went through one of the best youth facilities there is for incarcerated youth was recently released to start his new life. He went back home and for whatever reason he ended up involved in a crime that led to him shooting a man in the hand, who in turn shot back and killed him.

I write this grieving the tragedy of a young 19 yr old life, full of potential as he was released – now gone.

What went wrong?

  • Did he just play the game; saying and doing the right things to hit his levels of achievement while incarcerated?

  • Did he take advantage of facility opportunities; their counseling?·       

  • Did he find a direction that is far from crime, a passion to keep him focused, and a purpose worth living?

  • Did he find a spiritual foundation that could transform his life and help him achieve greater things than what he had settled for before?

  • Did he find someone to help hold him accountable like a coach/mentor?

  • Did he have a church that not only accepted him, but went out to help him get training needed?

  • Did he go back to an environment that surrounded him successes or failures?

  • Who gave him the weapon?

The reason I ask these questions, is because I have a passion for these kids’ transformation. I have a desire for them to see the world differently. I have a hope that they will find a place where love and discipline are intertwined. I have a vision of a home called X-treme D, which will provide this structure by giving them a safe, nurturing, yet challenging environment to live and develop into their potential.

I have a dream that we can change the landscape of our adult prisons, by reducing them one by one, while we have opportunities to transform young at-risk teen lives, helping them find their direction, passion, purpose.

And I am crazy enough to believe we can make this happen. 

Will you join me in my crazy cause?