Last week, I went to use the hose that is wound up in a cart on the side of our home. Apparently wasps had taken up residence in my hose cart. Months and months I had gone by them there, never opening the lid to see what they were up to.  I had no idea they were even launching a building project for their new high rise where they were building not just a home, but a community.  Until I opened the lid, they had no concern for me, nor I for them.

As I lifted the lid to use the hose, smarming wasps came whizzing at me, protecting the large nest that they had built.  We had peacefully co-existed, until I came back to claim what was mine, where they had built a stronghold.

The forces of evil in this world are like those wasps. Demons, many times, stay quietly unnoticed, planning and scheming, building their fortress in places that many of us abandon – like impoverished neighborhoods, gangs, jails, and prisons. They go undetected and grow in those pockets of neglect.  For the most part we don’t know, see, or think about them. They remain disregarded until someone decides to reach in and make a difference.

This is our struggle with Replay Outreach, working with troubled teens.  Everything was fine until we stepped into the dark places, until we reached out to take back that which does not belong to evil.  That’s when the swarming began.

Since we began Replay, our volunteers have felt the attack of evil, those wasps that come to battle and scare away any who would come into their nest and try to disrupt the evil hold they have over that place.  We have had people stung with the wasps of family struggles, financial woes, relationship issues, sickness, and even cancer.  These attacks are trying to scare us away from our mission, from our calling to guide youth out of these dark places -“snatching them from the fire.”

So did I leave my hose cart and let the wasps take over?  Why of course not. I went to battle. They had built their home, where it did not belong.  I knew I couldn’t do it alone. I needed help, so I grabbed the spray can of their demise.  Though the wasps were angered, I had my wasp spray!!  I took back what did not belong to them and I kicked them out by trusting in the power within that can. 

In what power do you trust?  When taking back our youth — Don’t Forget to Pray!