Have you ever wondered how our criminal population got to the extremes that it is today?

  • 73% of adult inmates were formerly in a juvenile detention facility (OJJDP, 2005)
  • 19% of juvenile crimes occur in between 3 -7 p.m.
  • $329/day is the cost of locking up a youth in secure confinement

Aimlessness in youth is expensive. Those who don’t excel at academics, sports, music, or other activities are susceptible to the downward spiral of truancy, crime, violence, and substance abuse.  Kid’s need a direction for their lives, a passion to accomplish it, and a purpose that fulfills their life. Without that, they are at-risk of becoming a statistic in the juvenile delinquency world.  Without redirecting their negative behavior and gaining a purpose, they are highly vulnerable to falling into the cycle of crime and drug addiction.